Tim & Anabeth Get Hitched

Tim & Anabeth get hitched at Grandale!

Hop on over to Sublime Design for a sneak peak at our September wedding. We can't wait to share a full album with you and update All Buttoned-Up with our latest work!

Bridal pic via Kelly Cox, detail pics via Sublime Deisgn


Kitchen Goodies

While every registry should be unique to each couple. Here are a couple staple items we think are worth including on every one's list:

Corningware® can go from the freezer or refrigerator to oven or microwave right to the table. Its material is resistant to chipping and cracking, while the non-porous surface does not absorb food odors, flavors or stains. They are easy clean-up and dishwasher safe, even the baked on goods wash right off leaving you with a clean white dish to last a lifetime! This set from Bed Bath & Beyond includes glass covers for baking and covers for storing leftovers.

A good Knife Set can make cooking smoother and more enjoyable. When you are shopping for a good knife set, you want to consider sharpness and finely ground surface, cutting edge retention, craftsmanship, comfortable and safety, balance, material and corrosion resistance and easy wash. If you want to go for the splurge, reviewers recommend Shun classic 8-piece knife set available at Amazon for $500. Looking for something a little more budget friendly consider a set from Chicago Cutlery available on Amazon for $60.

A Cookware set is a must for any kitchen. We settled with two picks for those of you who prefer stainless steel and for those non-stick lovers. Three things to consider when purchasing stainless steel: 1. Buy stainless steel cookware that has either an aluminum or copper core…or both! Both of these metals ensure that foods cook evenly without those annoying hot spots. 2. Ensure the aluminum or copper runs up the sides of the pans. A lot of stainless steel cookware on the market today only includes a layer of aluminum or copper in the base of the pot or pan which is good, but it’s even better is when the aluminum/copper runs up the sides of the pan. 3. Make sure the stainless steel is 18/10. The 18 refers to the percentage of chromium and the 10 refers to the percentage of nickel. Both of these metals ensure that it does not rust or scratch easily and that it maintains strength and durability. The higher the number, the better the metal.
Reviewers recommend Cuisinart Multiclad Pro-Stainless Steel from Amazon for $244 or Kitchenaid Gourmet Essentials 12-Piece Nonstick Hard-Anodized Cookware set for $165 from Amazon shown below.


Registry Woes

Gifts are supposed to be the fun part, so why do we feel so overwhelmed with registering? Here are some helpful hints and suggestions to help get you through this process and settled in with some great gifts!
  • Register where you can get something in return for yourself or someone else: Macy's Registry Star Rewards gives you 10% back on self purchases and 5% rewards on gifts purchased from your registry. This starts to add up quickly! WeddingChannel.com will make a donation whenever anyone uses weddingchannel.com to purchase a gift from your registry. The final donation is based on a percentage (up to 3%) of how many purchased registry items through WeddingChannel.com. Many retail partners participate with WeddingChannel including Crate and Barrel, Bloomingdales, Target, Amazon.com and Barney's among others. Most stores offer a completion program where you can come in after your big day and buy items left on your registry at a certain percentage. While this is great, there are usually better coupons and sales out there than the discount offered by the completion program.
  • Some think that registering is to forward and they don't want their guests to feel obligated to purchase a gift. However, most guests prefer to have a registry to base a decision from. It makes the purchasing process easier and more personal. It is helpful for guests to have a variety of price ranges on gifts so that they have options in a price range that they are comfortable with.
  • If you register at multiple stores pull the lists together on one site like MyRegistry.com or be sure to cross check your registries. It will be helpful in the end as it is easy to lose track of what you have registered for and you don't want to end up with 10 party platters and no serving utensils!
  • As the wedding date draws near and you pass gift milestones like the shower, check on your registry inventory and make sure you still have options for your guests. If you don't want to peek at what you are getting ask a friend or relative to keep an eye on it for you. If it is low you may want to consider adding more items or gift card options.
  • Register for items that you want and need. Just because Aunt Agnes keeps asking which china pattern you are choosing doesn't mean you have to order china. If china isn't practical for you and your partner to be, don't register for it. Maybe you have lived together and really don't need new towels and dishes, then registering for your honeymoon or favorite charity may make more sense for you.
  • Check with close friends who recently wed and see what they like/dislike about some of the things they registered for. This may help you when it comes to choosing big items that you will use frequently like cookware sets and luggage. Ultimately, the decision belongs to you and your significant other but it will be helpful to hear reviews from someone you know!

Need to purchase a gift? See below for some chic gift wrapping inspiration and check back this week for great gifts to give or register for!


Farm-To-Table Wedding

I just received my September bride's look book for her Farm-To-Table wedding. I can't wait to open this baby up and see how close it resembles my image boards!


Spring Has Sprung

This beautiful weather is forcing us outside and on to our yard projects and I am not complaining!
Our front entryway was in need of some TLC. I always wanted to have a red front door, but it really doesn't go with our house. So, with the black door I decided on red potted plants to accent.

I love this country-french style chair now doubling as a plant holder that I found at Home Goods. The red pots are actually plastic! They look ceramic and I was quite surprised when went to lift them off the shelf. I had to drill holes in the bottom so the water could drain. We decided on red and white annuals for the flower colors.
This weekend we are moving on to some new bushes and mulch on the sides of the porch. I am still searching for the perfect door mat and wreath with red accents. Down the road we plan to get rid of the brass light fixtures and replace with black lantern style lighting.
Happy Spring!

Easter Goodies!

The Easter Bunny's preparations are under way at the Papaj house. We are non-traditional with no candy. On this year's list are a bag with all your pool essentials for Kat, garden tools and sidewalk chalk for Noey and some new ties and shirts for Jason! Hope they aren't peaking :)
Inside the eggs we hid bunny erasers, jewelry, leis, hair barrettes and of course clues to find their Easter baskets!

I can't wait for all the Easter fun on Sunday!

My Chair Has Arrived

No more kitchen table chair - the new office chair has been found! I searched high and low and waited until I found the perfect fit. It wasn't originally what I had in mind, but it really stuck out to me.

I like that it has arms. Most of the chairs I picked out did not. The legs also match my other office furniture nicely. The sage colored trim provides a nice contrast against my white desk and the blue fabric matches my walls perfectly!

Still left to buy is my sideboard, rug and a few odds and ends like a small table for the printer and some fun desktop accessories!
Pics of the whole office coming soon...


Easy Beautiful Photo Wall

Since we bought the house I had my mind set on making a photo wall in our basement stairwell. So, 15 pictures and $100 later in frames from Home Goods and we have our wall! You can have one too and it is so easy.

Materials: Photos, Frames, Craft Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Painter's Tape and Nails

Step 1 - Pick out your pictures and frames. I decided on the same style of frames - a variety of vintage metallic. I like the symmetry of all the same style frames.

Step 2 - With craft paper, trace the outline of each frame and cut it out

Step 3 - Mark the craft paper where the picture hangers are

Step 4 - Tape the craft paper on the wall with painters tape. This allows you to arrange the photos how you want them before putting nail holes in the wall

Step Five - Hammer the nail in where your marked the picture hangers on the craft paper

Step Six -Remove the craft paper and replace with your frames and you have your photo wall!


Vendor Love Week: Pretty Little Fings

Pang is an amazing artist and I love her photography. Pang is so fun to work with and she captures that playful spirit in her work.

She did photos for my website and will be doing a photo shoot of my amazing pup in a few weeks!

I love the school-boy/girl style captured in Pang's rustic engagement shoot.

She also makes these adorable custom plush creatures. Check out her esty shop and blog!

Check back for postings my goldendoodle's photo shoot in a few weeks!


Vendor Love Week: First Sight Pictures Wedding

My best friend used First Sight Pictures for her September wedding in Buffalo & I am in love!

View Kristen & Mike's trailer

They do an amazing job capturing the intimate details through an artist's eye. You truely re-live all the day's emmotion every time you watch your videos.

I can't wait for an opportunity to work with Frist Sight Pictures!

Vendor Love Week: Continued

My apologies for slacking on Vendor Love week. Last week I spent my days on the west coast for a business trip. Look for vendor love to continue this week :)


Vendor Love Week: Jess Creates

Jess Creates is an award-winning intimate graphic design and stationery boutique specializing in modern and simple designs for life's most precious events. Owner, Jessica Radlich is extremely talented and unique. She always provides her clients with lots of beautiful designs to choose from, and she is a joy to work with. Jessica provided excellent advice for All Buttoned-Up website design and logo branding. You really get the total package when working with Jess, whether it is marketing or etiquette advice - she really provides a wide range of expertise that complements her talented eye for design.


Vendor Love Week: Gray Slate Studio

Gray Slate Studio photographer Nhien is a fantastic photojournalist. She does an amazing job capturing the smallest details. Her work truly portrays the whole spirit of your special day. Nhien's albums are a great conversational piece. Each page captures every emotion of the day telling a story without any words. She is a pleasure to work with - the hardest part will be picking your favorite pictures for the album because they will all be that unique and fabulous!


Vendor Love Week: Angel Cakes & Cupcake Heaven

MMMM! Just as the name says these sweet treats are straight from heaven - elegant and delicious. Angel Cakes & Cupcake Heaven is owned by Kim Newman and is located in Haymarket, VA. It was a no-brainer to choose Kim to do my own wedding cake. It was a huge hit with all of our guests...there was hardly a crumb to be found!

As tradition goes, we froze the top tier and thawed it out on our one year anniversary. The cake tasted just as good as it did on our Wedding Day!


Vendor Love Week: By Invitation Only

I have two favorite graphic designers - perfect for all your stationery needs, but each deserving of their own separate posts :)
By Invitation Only specializes in trendy, elegant invitations and more at an affordable price. Owner, Laura Farnham, is based in Niagra Falls New York, but works with clients nationwide. Laura loves custom work, so if you can't find what you have in mind on her site, be sure to email her with your special requests - laura@byinviteonly.net.
I love the black and yellow combo in this invite! Check out more invites, save the dates, announcements and more on By Invitation Only's Facebook page!

Vendor Love Week

It is Vendor Love week at All Buttoned-Up. Check back everyday for an inspiring vendor that will knock your socks off! Do you have a favorite florist, photographer, caterer or any event professional? If so - please share!


Finished Hutch

I finished my hutch and loaded it with all my event planning resources. It is a perfect fit with my desk. A few more pieces and my office is complete! I plan to finish a buffet with the same weathered look as the desk and hutch. I am in search for the perfect upholstered chair and rug as well.


My Weekend Project

I purchased this antique hutch off Craigslist for $120. It was made in Gettysburg, PA in 1931. I plan to finish it with the weathered crackle to match my desk. I will use it in my office to hold my books and other office supplies. Here is a before photo and two midway photos showing the base color with the weathered crackle.


Presenting My White Desk

My desk has finally found its place in our new home. It is near finished - I just need to find the perfect hardware for the drawer pulls. I can't wait to plan my next event behind this beauty!


Desk Remodel

My goal was to antique this desk with a white crackle effect revealing the gray base coat.

Supplies: interior satin base coat in desired color, interior flat wall paint in desired color, weathered crackle glaze, nylon paintbrush, foam brush, and clear protector.

The desk had a lacquer finish that I had to sand off to get down to the raw wood. I used an electric hand sander and some sandpaper to remove the finish. It took about 3 hours.

Next I painted the desk with the grey satin base coat.

After allowing the base coat to dry overnight I applied the crackle glaze evenly.

Allow to dry 2-4 hours and then I applied the antique white interior top coat. Within minutes the paint will start to crack and the base coat will show through.

*Tip - Once the crackle starts to work (almost immediately) do not continue to paint the top coat in the same area. This will cause the top coat to bubble or peel away more than desired. Basically, once you do two brush strokes with the top coat leave it and move on.
Now, I am in search of the perfect hardware. The original desk had brass hardware so I want to replace with a rustic silver. As soon as I unpack my desk I will post the finished photos!

My Desk!

I found this $100 beauty on Craigslist. It is a work in progress and I am almost finished. All I need is the perfect hardware to complete the look. As soon as we have nice weather I will head over to my parents house to pick it up so I can move it in my new office.

I think it's a pretty close resemblance to what I was looking for!