Easy Beautiful Photo Wall

Since we bought the house I had my mind set on making a photo wall in our basement stairwell. So, 15 pictures and $100 later in frames from Home Goods and we have our wall! You can have one too and it is so easy.

Materials: Photos, Frames, Craft Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Painter's Tape and Nails

Step 1 - Pick out your pictures and frames. I decided on the same style of frames - a variety of vintage metallic. I like the symmetry of all the same style frames.

Step 2 - With craft paper, trace the outline of each frame and cut it out

Step 3 - Mark the craft paper where the picture hangers are

Step 4 - Tape the craft paper on the wall with painters tape. This allows you to arrange the photos how you want them before putting nail holes in the wall

Step Five - Hammer the nail in where your marked the picture hangers on the craft paper

Step Six -Remove the craft paper and replace with your frames and you have your photo wall!

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