Desk Remodel

My goal was to antique this desk with a white crackle effect revealing the gray base coat.

Supplies: interior satin base coat in desired color, interior flat wall paint in desired color, weathered crackle glaze, nylon paintbrush, foam brush, and clear protector.

The desk had a lacquer finish that I had to sand off to get down to the raw wood. I used an electric hand sander and some sandpaper to remove the finish. It took about 3 hours.

Next I painted the desk with the grey satin base coat.

After allowing the base coat to dry overnight I applied the crackle glaze evenly.

Allow to dry 2-4 hours and then I applied the antique white interior top coat. Within minutes the paint will start to crack and the base coat will show through.

*Tip - Once the crackle starts to work (almost immediately) do not continue to paint the top coat in the same area. This will cause the top coat to bubble or peel away more than desired. Basically, once you do two brush strokes with the top coat leave it and move on.
Now, I am in search of the perfect hardware. The original desk had brass hardware so I want to replace with a rustic silver. As soon as I unpack my desk I will post the finished photos!

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