Registry Woes

Gifts are supposed to be the fun part, so why do we feel so overwhelmed with registering? Here are some helpful hints and suggestions to help get you through this process and settled in with some great gifts!
  • Register where you can get something in return for yourself or someone else: Macy's Registry Star Rewards gives you 10% back on self purchases and 5% rewards on gifts purchased from your registry. This starts to add up quickly! WeddingChannel.com will make a donation whenever anyone uses weddingchannel.com to purchase a gift from your registry. The final donation is based on a percentage (up to 3%) of how many purchased registry items through WeddingChannel.com. Many retail partners participate with WeddingChannel including Crate and Barrel, Bloomingdales, Target, Amazon.com and Barney's among others. Most stores offer a completion program where you can come in after your big day and buy items left on your registry at a certain percentage. While this is great, there are usually better coupons and sales out there than the discount offered by the completion program.
  • Some think that registering is to forward and they don't want their guests to feel obligated to purchase a gift. However, most guests prefer to have a registry to base a decision from. It makes the purchasing process easier and more personal. It is helpful for guests to have a variety of price ranges on gifts so that they have options in a price range that they are comfortable with.
  • If you register at multiple stores pull the lists together on one site like MyRegistry.com or be sure to cross check your registries. It will be helpful in the end as it is easy to lose track of what you have registered for and you don't want to end up with 10 party platters and no serving utensils!
  • As the wedding date draws near and you pass gift milestones like the shower, check on your registry inventory and make sure you still have options for your guests. If you don't want to peek at what you are getting ask a friend or relative to keep an eye on it for you. If it is low you may want to consider adding more items or gift card options.
  • Register for items that you want and need. Just because Aunt Agnes keeps asking which china pattern you are choosing doesn't mean you have to order china. If china isn't practical for you and your partner to be, don't register for it. Maybe you have lived together and really don't need new towels and dishes, then registering for your honeymoon or favorite charity may make more sense for you.
  • Check with close friends who recently wed and see what they like/dislike about some of the things they registered for. This may help you when it comes to choosing big items that you will use frequently like cookware sets and luggage. Ultimately, the decision belongs to you and your significant other but it will be helpful to hear reviews from someone you know!

Need to purchase a gift? See below for some chic gift wrapping inspiration and check back this week for great gifts to give or register for!

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