Kitchen Goodies

While every registry should be unique to each couple. Here are a couple staple items we think are worth including on every one's list:

Corningware® can go from the freezer or refrigerator to oven or microwave right to the table. Its material is resistant to chipping and cracking, while the non-porous surface does not absorb food odors, flavors or stains. They are easy clean-up and dishwasher safe, even the baked on goods wash right off leaving you with a clean white dish to last a lifetime! This set from Bed Bath & Beyond includes glass covers for baking and covers for storing leftovers.

A good Knife Set can make cooking smoother and more enjoyable. When you are shopping for a good knife set, you want to consider sharpness and finely ground surface, cutting edge retention, craftsmanship, comfortable and safety, balance, material and corrosion resistance and easy wash. If you want to go for the splurge, reviewers recommend Shun classic 8-piece knife set available at Amazon for $500. Looking for something a little more budget friendly consider a set from Chicago Cutlery available on Amazon for $60.

A Cookware set is a must for any kitchen. We settled with two picks for those of you who prefer stainless steel and for those non-stick lovers. Three things to consider when purchasing stainless steel: 1. Buy stainless steel cookware that has either an aluminum or copper core…or both! Both of these metals ensure that foods cook evenly without those annoying hot spots. 2. Ensure the aluminum or copper runs up the sides of the pans. A lot of stainless steel cookware on the market today only includes a layer of aluminum or copper in the base of the pot or pan which is good, but it’s even better is when the aluminum/copper runs up the sides of the pan. 3. Make sure the stainless steel is 18/10. The 18 refers to the percentage of chromium and the 10 refers to the percentage of nickel. Both of these metals ensure that it does not rust or scratch easily and that it maintains strength and durability. The higher the number, the better the metal.
Reviewers recommend Cuisinart Multiclad Pro-Stainless Steel from Amazon for $244 or Kitchenaid Gourmet Essentials 12-Piece Nonstick Hard-Anodized Cookware set for $165 from Amazon shown below.

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