Specialty Cocktails

Just got back from Wegman's and picked up the goodies to fill two fruit luges for signature cocktails that will be served during the cocktail hour at the Curran/Nottingham wedding.

Fruit luge one will be filled with lemon, pineapple and rosemary. The second fruit luge will be prickly pear, lime, cherries and habanero peppers. So, basically it's a block of ice with all the ingredients frozen inside. The bartenders will make the drink and chill it by pouring it in the tube that runs down the center of the ice and funnels into a cut out at the bottom where the bartenders will set the glass. I found a picture online that will be similar to what we are having created.

We are mixing up a lot of love with a dose of spice and a little passion to create these signature concoctions! Can't wait to see the end result next weekend!

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