Tips to host an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Looking to host a full-on sustainable wedding or maybe just want to infuse some green trends? Here are some tips and a few of our fav eco-friendly finds:

Green doesn't have to sacrifice beauty these days, look for invitations printed on recycled paper with recycled ink in an arrangement of colors and finishes. You can even buy seed paper and your guests can plant their invite to grow pretty wildflowers or herbs for their garden!

There are plenty of options out there for eco-friendly guest favors and they range in price. In lieu of favors, you may consider donating money to a Green cause. Two of our favorites - Bamboo servers & seed paper!

These recycled glass vases from Anthropologie will make cute centerpieces or great gifts for the bridal party -

Recycled Bride offers used bridal attire and accessories! Shop at the farmer's market or go with a farm-to-table and support your local communities. Live in the DC area and looking for a spot to host a farm-to-table wedding, All Buttoned-Up did a wedding last September at Grandale Farm. It was a beautiful setting and the food was exquisite.

Check back tomorrow and we will do a local round-up of farm-to-table options around DC!

Images via JessCreates, Green Wedding, Botanical PaperWorks, Anthropologie

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