Courtney & Collin

It was a true pleasure to be Courtney & Collin's day-of wedding planner. I have known Courtney for a little over 5 years and Collin couldn't be more a more perfect fit. They make a gorgeous couple and had a beautiful May day to celebrate their marriage at  Whitehall Manor

So excited for this sneak peek from the amazingly talented Amanda McMahon. My favorite image so far - sorry Collin :) is the reaction on Courtney and the FOB's face when they first realize Courtney is no longer Ms. Joswick, but now Mrs. Lopes. We can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve!

A big thanks to Kirkabee Deejays, the staff at Whitehall Manor, Amanda McMahon Photography, Edibles Incredible and Affordable Arrangements. The flowers were gorgeous, the staff was truly amazing and executed flawlessly, the guests raved about the  neapolitan cake and dance the night away and at 6 months pregnant Amanda and her assistant didn't miss a moment. Truly fantastic vendors to work with!

Congratulations Courtney & Collin!


Vintage Travel Baby Shower

We've been busy setting up for the baby shower this weekend and I am just in love with how the paper lanterns and toy airplanes look together and wanted to give you a sneak peak!

We still have two more strands to finish hanging on the other side of the room. We hope Hurricane Irene stays away so we can welcome guests aboard on Sunday!


Specialty Cocktails

I was so excited to see how these custom ice luges turned out for the specialty cocktail station. They were fabulous and definitely became a conversation starter and a mingling place! These images do not do them justice, but were all I could snap with my camera phone during the hustle and bustle of coordinating the wedding. As soon as I have images from our fabulous Photog, Peter Stepanek, I will be sure to post those.

We had two guest bartenders, Micah and Ari Wilder, who were former co-workers of my Bride - & they whipped up their secret sauce to create specialty drinks for the Bride and Groom.

The Blair - Pisco, Chartreuse Yellow, Wilder Bros Pineapple Gomme Syrup, Pressed Pineapple Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice & Peychauds Bitters.

The Curt - Silver Tequila, Violet Liqueur, Wilder Bros Prickle & Fresh Lime

To chill the beverage, they poured the drink through the ice luge into a glass at the bottom. Infused in the ice blocks were: Pineapple, Lemon and Rosemary. And the other had Habanero Peppers, Prickly Pear and Lime.

The guests loved the drinks!


Specialty Cocktails

Just got back from Wegman's and picked up the goodies to fill two fruit luges for signature cocktails that will be served during the cocktail hour at the Curran/Nottingham wedding.

Fruit luge one will be filled with lemon, pineapple and rosemary. The second fruit luge will be prickly pear, lime, cherries and habanero peppers. So, basically it's a block of ice with all the ingredients frozen inside. The bartenders will make the drink and chill it by pouring it in the tube that runs down the center of the ice and funnels into a cut out at the bottom where the bartenders will set the glass. I found a picture online that will be similar to what we are having created.

We are mixing up a lot of love with a dose of spice and a little passion to create these signature concoctions! Can't wait to see the end result next weekend!


Vintage Travel Baby Shower

Just finished printing the invites from Nounces design & the envelopes were delivered earlier today! Love how they turned out & had to share!


Featured! Bump Smitten

We are about to pop with excitement over our feature on Bump Smitten today! We thought our party was fun & fab and so glad that they were smitten with it as well :) Cheers to our friend Jess Creates as well!

Images via Jess Creates!

Favor Love!

I am in love with this wedding favor posted over on Capitol Romance I don't know if it's because we are little biased in our love for Maryland crabs, but this is just too darn cute not to share!

Image via Capitol Romance